Acoustic Dampening, Silencing, Muffling & Muting

Because they can offer superb sound-attenuation properties, sintered porous plastics from Polystar Technologies can be used to provide a wide range of acoustic functions, including muffling, muting, sound dampening, and silencing.

Sintered, porous materials can be used for many acoustic applications, including pneumatic silencers or mufflers, valve silencers, equipment mufflers, instrument mutes, and so forth. In many instances, silencers or mufflers from Polystar Technologies can also act as filters to protect pneumatic equipment or electronic components from water, moisture vapor, dust, particulate matter, and fibers.  Made according to your unique customer specifications, solutions developed by Polystar Technologies can be designed to optimize airflow, meet noise reduction requirements and to reduce back pressure.

Depending on what type of acoustic issue your design team is seeking to address, look to Polystar Technologies to partner with you in finding the optimal solution to that need.