Filtration, Adsorption & Barrier Protection

Filtration removes solid particles from a liquid or gaseous fluid by means of a filter medium.  At Polystar Technologies, that filter medium is sintered, porous plastic, which permits a fluid to pass through while retaining the solid particles. Filtration efficiency can be improved by using various hydrophobic, hydrophilic, oleophobic, and oleophilic treatments that can slow or hasten the desired function.  In addition, treating that porous media with activated carbon permits the adsorption of various contaminants as a type of activated carbon filtration.

Because of their robustness and structural integrity, porous sintered plastic materials from Polystar Technologies are used in a broad range of liquid and gas filtration applications. Our materials provide optimal filtration solutions for sectors as diverse as: aerospace and defense; agricultural; lab sciences; pharmaceuticals; aerospace; life sciences; food and beverage; pneumatic tools and equipment; electronics; sensors and controls; chemicals and petrochemicals.

Features and benefits:

  • Timely customer service and engineering responsiveness
  • Consistent pore size distributions
  • Robust and rigid construction for exceptional structural integrity
  • Extensive range of sizes, thicknesses and diameters
  • High filtration efficiencies for effective particle removal
  • Made-to-order designs per customer specifications
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Excellent dirt, dust, or particle-holding capacity, for long on-stream life
  • Good surface filtration, particularly for back-pulsing systems
  • Highly stable materials over a broad temperature range