Many applications in the commercial market can benefit from improved venting, filtration, diffusion, or wicking solutions.  While ink pads can be messy, they can be less messy and deliver ink more effectively.  Ink jet printers in the office can work more efficiently.  Highlighter nibs can provide a more controlled release.  Labelling or marking systems can be improved and many electronic devices can be better protected from humidity or dust.

Whether your product is ink pads, highlighter tips, inkjet printer cartridges, printhead assemblies, security cameras, or monitors, Polystar Technologies provides solutions for your concerns.  Whether the sintered porous material is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyethylene (PE) or other plastic media, look to Polystar Technologies to help find solutions for the commercial challenges you face.

Nibs for Writing Instruments

Sintered porous plastic nibs are used extensively in writing instruments to deliver ink in a measured, controlled fashion. Whether for high-end highlighters, specialized marking tools, or coloring markers for children, nibs from Polystar Technologies are custom-tailored to manufacturer specifications to optimize marker requirements. Our strictly controlled manufacturing processes ensure lot-to-lot consistency, while the range, structural integrity and flexibility of our various materials help ensure suitability to each individual application.

Custom-designed nibs from Polystar Technologies provide optimal wicking of inks from reservoir to tip surface and proper functioning of the capillary system to avoid ink leakage.  Large pore sizes hinder drying out of ink when nibs are not being used. Wherever liquid or fluids are applied to paper, cardboard, metal, or other types of office consumables, look to Polystar Technologies to help find the optimal solution for your application.

Ink Pads / Fingerprint Pads

Polystar Technologies’ media provides a hard porous plastic surface that:

  • Provides a measured and optimal amount of ink
  • Leaves crisp, clear imprints
  • Does not tend to smear
  • Dries almost instantly
  • Leaves little ink residue on fingers

Polystar Technologies will partner with your design team to determine the optimal pore size in media to deter clogging or drying out of ink, should ink pads be left open for extended periods of time without use.

Ink Jet Printer Components / Labelling System Components

Polystar Technologies supplies ink-absorbing and ink-delivery materials suitable for use in inkjet printers and labelling systems. Whether the target medium is traditional Vellum paper or weather-resistant plastic compounds, such as PES (polyester) or PVC, Polystar Technologies’ sintered porous media can supply a measured and optimal amount of ink that leaves a crisp, clear imprint, dries quickly, and does not tend to smear. Additionally, it can provide improved efficiencies in inkjet printer applications, including inkjet cartridge reservoirs, cartridge vents, overspray wicks, printer head lubricators, absorbers, and filters. Look to Polystar Technologies to help you find solutions to increase efficiencies and decrease costs for your inkjet printer components, labelling, marking, and ink stamping systems.

Commercial Electronic Enclosures

Like many electronic devices and equipment, light fixtures, monitors and security cameras used in commercial environments need to operate reliably under harsh conditions. where high heat and temperature and pressure variations can damage sensitive electronics. Manufacturers of these commercial products seek to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants, while permitting venting for pressure and temperature equalization inside and out of each enclosure. Employing sintered porous media from Polystar Technologies can:

  • Facilitate heat exchange and prevent fogging or condensation in environments where temperatures and pressures can quickly change, causing fogging or condensation to occur or collect;
  • Allow for venting of sensitive electronics that could be damaged by high heat;
  • Protect electronics from the ingress of dust, water or other contaminants.

Look to Polystar Technologies to help find solutions to decrease costs for expensive heat sinks, fans or blowers, and decrease the overall cost of ownership for your commercial customers.