Chemical Containers

Because they need to breathe, containers for agricultural, commercial, household, or industrial chemicals can benefit from sintered porous plastics. Without venting, these containers may bulge, collapse, or leak when altitude or temperature changes take place. Venting solutions from Polystar Technologies provide a safe and reliable way to accommodate temperature and pressure differentials that could cause containers to deform, leak, or burst.  Supply chain partners who can benefit from Polystar Technologies' solutions include:

  • Chemical Manufacturers - Defective products, whether chemicals themselves or the containers they come in, can decrease chemical manufacturers' productivity and efficiency. Such defects can significantly affect profitability, increase the potential for litigation, and negatively affect brand image.
  • Container, Cap and Closure Manufacturers - Conducting a Root Cause Analysis to diagnose and resolve packaging problems can be time-consuming, expensive, and negatively affect customer satisfaction levels.
  • Distribution Partners - Leaks can create huge risks in logistics for distributors, as well as for product end-users.  
  • Society -  Leaks can easily become spills, and create environmental hazards which result in the need for expensive and time-consuming clean-ups. Taking proactive steps to avoid issues that can affect profitability, increase the potential for litigation, or negatively affect brand image are effective ways to ensure profitability and growth.

Look to Polystar Technologies to help find solutions to any issues you may face with chemical container venting.

Applicator Tips, Fluid Delivery & Collection Systems

Wherever there is a need for liquid or fluids to be applied, collected from, or delivered to the body or other type of surface, porous plastic applicator heads and porous components can be used for the collection, or delivery, of those liquids in a measured controlled fashion.

Porous plastics from Polystar Technologies are suitable for use in applicator tips, fluid delivery components and fluid-absorbing wicks. These components are designed for fluid-based applicators, fluid delivery systems, and fluid collection systems, and are sterilizable by either EtO (ethylene oxide) or gamma processes. They may be used in: wound closure applications; to apply fluids to skin, metals, paper products, or plastics; for filtering certain liquids or; to collect blood, bodily fluids, or other types of fluids in a wide range of applications.  

Polystar Technologies works with packaging and design engineers to provide optimal wicking of the liquid from reservoir to tip surface or from the point of contact into the reservoir. The structural integrity and flexibility of Polystar Technologies’ materials helps to ensure suitability for each individual application.