Polystar Relocates Operations from Georgia to Minnesota

Polystar Technologies has relocated its headquarters from Peachtree, Georgia to Burnsville, Minnesota.  We continue to advance the science, engineering, performance, and customer service for porous plastics while maintaining a level of individually personalized service and attention to detail. Polystar Technologies does not simply provide you with product.  Our engineers collaborate with you, every step of the way, from your product concept to creating customized microporous plastics solutions to your venting, filtration, diffusion, absorption, and wicking needs.

Originally focused on the industrial, life sciences, lab services and lab instrumentation markets, Polystar Technologies now partners with a variety of industries and markets, from technology startups to major multinational corporations, around the globe.

Our goal is to help you create success.  So, whether we are in Georgia or Minnesota, Polystar Technologies continues to be dedicated to innovation, technological advancement, and continuous improvement.  We continue to provide full-design concepts that will deliver the optimum performance and exact requirement needs for your product.  Whether you're customizing an existing product or creating a new product, you deserve to team with the right filtration and flow control partner who will tailor to your precise needs.

From our new location in Burnsville, Minnesota, let us help you find solutions to your design problems.  Let us concentrate our innovation, technological experience, customer service, product quality, and performance on your design specifications, so that you can focus on what you do best. It's the Polystar Technologies difference!