Applications for Sintered Porous Plastics

Sintered porous plastic materials are now being used in ever-expanding marketplaces with applications that offer improved healthcare, medical knowledge, and in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  Polystar Technologies' sintered, microporous thermoplastic media provides solutions to serve applications such as wicking, absorption & adsorption, acoustic dampening, silencing, muffling, and muting, filtration, barrier protection, diffusion, fluidization, venting, and aerating & sparging.

Made from thermoplastic polymers such as polyethylene or polypropylene, these sintered materials can be produced with pore size ranges of  5 to 350 micron and typical void volumes between 30 and 50 percent but, which can be produced up to 70%.  Sintered porous plastics are available in a varied of shapes and sizes, as well as with defined pore size distribution.  Combining this with the exceptional robustness, chemical resistance, and chemical compatibility, sintered porous plastics are resistant to many acids, bases, organic chemicals, and temperatures up to 230°F (110°C).

According to Mike Lien, President of Polystar Technologies, "We take great pride in the quality of our products and customers' satisfactions, which is why we closely engineer and control the pore size and void volume through the selection of polymers used and process controls."

Here at Polystar Technologies, we encourage you to partner with us to find the solution that best meets your requirements within your deadline.