Pore Size

In the vast majority of porous media, pore sizes are distributed over a wide range of values and are typically called pore size distribution. Polystar Technologies uses mercury intrusion porosimetry to calculate pore size and pore size distribution. Because mercury has high surface energy, it does not naturally enter the pores of the porous plastic in the same manner that water enters the pores of your kitchen sponge. A mercury intrusion porosimeter applies a specific and known amount of force onto the mercury in order to push the mercury into the pores of the porous plastic. The porosimeter measures and records the applied force and amount of mercury infused into the microporous media, and estimates pore size on this basis.

Polystar Technologies typically works with media and pore size distributions ranging from 5µ to 350µ. Average pore size data provided by Polystar Technologies are typically +/- 20% of the stated pore size, with the bulk of the pores sized within 5-10% of the average with distribution in a typical bell-shaped curve.

Test & Evaluation Procedures

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