Polystar Technologies provides customized, sintered porous plastic solutions to research teams and design engineers all over the globe.

With a professional, confident voice and personalized customer service, we partner with your experts to save time and resources through PolySmart™, our signature product development process. Our commitment to customers is unparalleled in the industry with our focus on better product quality and providing a superior, individualized customer service.


Features About Polystar & Sintered Porous Plastics



Polystar Technologies does not simply provide you with off-the-shelf product.  We partner with small startups to major multinational companies, from idea concept to creating customized, sintered porous media solutions, that meet your specific applications and materials needs.  We focus our innovative energies and technological expertise on helping solve your design issues, freeing you to focus on what you do best. It's the Polystar difference!



As a custom contract manufacturer, we do everything per customer specifications. Our design capabilities and PolySmart™ manufacturing process offers greater flexibility to meet the most challenging design and functionality requirements. The result is differentiated, high-quality, specialty porous plastics made to your exacting specifications for materials, dimension, pore size, and void volume.



Demand for a supplier consistently offering high product quality and performance; responsive, personalized customer service; with quick turnaround times, led to  PolySmart™, our signature manufacturing process.  We have scientifically re-engineered the polymer formulation process, tooling, production equipment, process controls, and quality analytics to ensure continuously reproducible and superior deliverables for our customers.  

Polystar has had 100% on-time delivery and zero defects this past year. You’re a great supplier for us - and you’re getting the job done.
— Pete - Fortune 500 Fluidic Systems Manufacturer