Venting & Barrier Venting

Venting helps to dissipate heat and reduce internal-external pressure differentials. It assists in mechanical assemblies where friction and heat are generated and where design engineers are seeking to reduce the cost of heat sinks, fans, or blowers. It is also critical where pressure can build within containers with certain types of product chemistries, such as cleaning chemicals or pesticides.

Protective venting or barrier venting solutions from Polystar Technologies promote temperature stabilization, pressure equalization, system reliability, and design flexibility, thus protecting lenses and optics, ultra-sensitive sensing surfaces in monitors and sensors, and helping prevent short circuits in electronics.

In a porous sintered state, UHMW-PE and PTFE are used in many venting applications because they offer chemical compatibility and function effectively over wide temperature ranges. Similarily,  UHMW-PE and PTFE can provide barrier protection in a variety of ways. Additionally, vents made of other sintered thermoplastic materials may provide certain advantages, depending on the application.