When working with us, you won't find what you need in our parts catalog. We don't have one! Here at Polystar Technologies, we offer you custom developed solutions for your porous plastic needs. Our technical engineering team partners with you to create an accurate, repeatable, high-quality, porous plastic component, made to your exacting specifications for materials, dimension, pore size, and void volume. It's the Polystar difference!



Here at Polystar Technologies, we are dedicated to providing you with custom, quality products engineered to your specifications with controlled pore size and void volume for venting, filtering, diffusing, control release, and other applications that require the use of porous substrates.



Using our proprietary and innovation PolySmart™ process, we at Polystar Technologies are dedicated to supplying you superior quality materials that have undergone comprehensive analysis and testing to ensure they are consistent, repeatable, and fulfill your unique and exact specifications.



Regardless of the industry or market, our Engineers will partner with you, from your idea concept, to create a finished product that best serves your exact and unique needs. Here at Polystar Technologies, we are the human voice that is committed to providing you with a total customer service experience.